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Our Success Stories

IOT Alumni Testimonials

Breanna A. – Vocational Nursing Graduate | Redding
12 May 2022

“When I worked as a CNA, I would talk with the nurses I would work under and several would say I went to “IOT Redding”. The VN department changed my life and now gives me opportunities I thought were never possible. Admissions were so warm and welcoming, I remember like it was yesterday. They really… Read more »

Mary Young – Professional Medical Assistant Graduate | Modesto
11 May 2022

“I started at IOT in 2016; I have a family of 6, working full-time and it was a huge struggle therefore I had to pull out of IOT. I became a Store Manager at a retail store and was working 50+ hours a week. I really loved my job and my team however, I spent… Read more »

Megan Goodeill – Professional Medical Assistant Graduate | Modesto
07 May 2022

“In 2008 The real estate market began to crumble. I was enrolled and waiting for the RN program at MJC with a potential wait of 7 years. I knew as a single mother of 2 it was crucial I found a career that provided stability for my family. I also knew I wanted to do… Read more »

Leslie Rascon – Professional Medical Assistant Graduate | Modesto
02 May 2022

“I graduated high school in 2020 the beginning of the pandemic not sure how to start college online. I knew I needed a hands on experience and good focus to start my career. Then I joined ms Megan’s class and got a great education on Medical assisting. She made class interesting and fun. I reallyLearned… Read more »

James (Jim) Pacini – Culinary Arts Degree Graduate | Clovis
02 May 2022

“I had been working in customer service, hospitality, and restaurants since I was 15 years old and I wanted to refine my technique and add a culinary degree to my resume. I came to IOT and obtained my degree through the Culinary Arts Program. I continued to operate my catering business while working at a… Read more »

Melinda Wood – Computerized Office Administration Graduate | Clovis
29 Apr 2022

I became a single mother and was on my own with a one-year-old little girl. I realized that I needed to not only find a job but instead also learn new skills. When I called IOT they set an appointment to come see the campus. The staff was very kind and answered all of my… Read more »