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Our Success Stories

IOT Alumni Testimonials

Rose Avilez – Culinary Arts Diploma Graduate | Clovis
12 Sep 2023

“Out of this whole experience I didn’t just learn how to cook I learned respect and time control. The commitment to not only finish a dish but how to learn and respect the culture from where it came from. How to present yourself and your dish as one in a sense. My chefs Chef Jim… Read more »

Michael Wentz – Culinary Arts Diploma Graduate | Modesto
18 Aug 2023

“I grew up with a mom who has always been in the culinary field and owned her own businesses, and I always loved being around the environment, all the customers are always happy and excited to come by as routine for the product she offered. Once I was able to help I was very grateful… Read more »

Michael Razo – Culinary Arts Diploma Graduate | Clovis
08 Aug 2023

“As a young and concerning father I had enrolled to COS for about a year while working 40+ hours a week. It was then that I decided I needed a career and that I knew I had a passion for working with my hands and being on my feet. Culinary Arts is something that I… Read more »

Gladys Torres – Other Graduate | Modesto
02 Aug 2023

“In 2009, I was looking to change career paths and came across an ad for IOT. I submitted a request for information and was quickly in contact with Sherri from Admissions and was invited to tour the campus. I immediately fell in love because it has the traditional college feel to it. The enrollment process… Read more »

Mike Eyerly – Culinary Arts Diploma Graduate | Modesto
02 Aug 2023

“I decided to attend the Institute of Technology’s culinary program, where I obtained my degree in culinary arts. Thanks to the Institute of Technology, I have been able to utilize my skills to continue to train tomorrow’s professionals and provide a brighter future for myself.” Mike Eyerly, CAD, Class of 2016

Genesis Moreno – Culinary Arts Diploma Graduate | Clovis
27 May 2023

“Where to begin? The people you meet at IOT make the experience. You will find so many different types of people who are all getting started in the food industry, just like you. The Chefs expect a lot from you because they know what you’re capable of. Every Chef cares about your culinary journey. My… Read more »