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Institute of Technology Success Stories

Cassie Prindle

Medical Assistant Grad

Cassandra Prindle started her medical assistant education in September 2009, and though she didn’t know it at the time, her stint at Institute of Technology would place her in a career at Mission Ranch Primary Care less than one year later, only one day after graduation.

Coming from a very small town and graduating with a high school class of eight, Cassie was unsure about where her future was headed.


Meuy Saechao

Medical Assistant Grad

An immigrant from Thailand, Meuy Saechao wanted to provide for her family.

She was married with her first child before she was old enough to drive, and never got the opportunity to graduate high school. After working in fast food for nine years, she’d had enough.


Ross Stumbaugh


Ross Stumbaugh doesn’t hold back much.

No matter where I go or what’s going on in the economy, people are always going to be hot or cold, and they’re always going to need refrigeration regardless. That’s security right there.

He doesn’t make excuses for his past mistakes; he doesn’t hide the fact that he has a criminal record, or that he’d spent a good part of the last year sleeping in a park. “I was a loser. I say that, because that’s what I was,” Ross said.