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Admissions Requirements

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Students interested in attending the Institute of Technology at our Salem, Oregon campus must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

At our California campuses, you must be at least 17 years of age and possess one of the following and have the written consent of a parent or guardian:

  • High school diploma or equivalent (documented through the presentation of a high school diploma, a transcript provide by the high school, or an official statement from the high school showing verification of high school graduation signed by an authorized school official), or
  • Our no-cost Penn Foster High School Diploma Program, or
  • Valid government or state issued GED; or
  • Successful completion of an official recognized and accredited home schooling program. Students who apply and present a diploma or certificate evidencing completion of home schooling or an approved and accredited online high school program will be required to pass an entrance examination.
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Foreign education documents from outside the United States or its territories that cannot be immediately confirmed as valid proof of high school completion by a college official must be submitted for assessment with a third-party evaluation agency at the prospective student’s expense.

Assessment of prior education, motivation, work experience, employment potential and general aptitude for training is made at this time. Each applicant is assessed individually. The Campus President may be called upon to make appropriate determinations in special cases.

  • Students enrolling in degree programs at the Institute of Technology must possess evidence of high school graduation or the equivalent as stipulated on the previous page and achieve the appropriate passing score on the required entrance examination.
  • Students who have delinquent student loans from this or any other institution, must resolve the delinquent status of those loans in order to be considered for enrollment. Students who have previously defaulted on a student loan will not be considered for admission.

For the Admissions Requirments for specific programs, please view our Catalog.

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