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Medical Programs

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Medical Programs

While other industries struggle to stay afloat, the health care and medical fields continue to grow.* At Institute of Technology, we train students for some of today’s most critical medical careers. Not only will you get hands-on training in your specific area of study, but you can also learn from experienced instructors who know what it takes to succeed. And the benefits of an IOT education don’t stop there.

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Why Choose IOT?

  • Many of our medical programs are accelerated, which means you can earn your education in less time than you think
  • We make tutoring available to help you succeed in your studies
  • You’ll get one-on-one instruction from industry-experienced instructors
  • Coursework is a balanced mix of lab and classroom learning
  • Our faculty and career services staff are well-connected to local medical employers
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Diploma and Degree Programs

Diploma Programs Available in California

Degree Programs Available in California

Certificate of Completion Programs Available in California

Certificate of Completion Programs Available in Oregon

Diploma Programs Available in Oregon

What Program Graduates Say

  • “When I enrolled in the VN program, I was 15+ years out of school, but I knew it was time to follow my dream after raising my children. I won’t lie and say there weren’t days that I doubted myself, but with the support of my fellow cohorts and amazing staff from the instructors to admissions and administration, I was able to find that potential they saw in me the whole time. I will always tell everyone about this program be prepared to work; you get out of it what you put into it.”

    Kamra DeLaughder – VN, Class of 2022

  • “I started my program at IOT with some experience working in retail, and then I had been a caregiver in group homes but never really found anything that truly made me happy. I was so excited to start my program at IOT. Along the way, I made some lifelong friends, and it was all around a great experience. I juggled working full time and school full time. I finished with honors, and couldn’t be happier with my decision. I’ve been employed at PeaceHealth St Joseph Cancer Center as a Medical Assistant in Bellingham, WA, for almost 2 years now, and I love it! My day-to-day is busy, and I love being able to make those connections without patients that we see, even if it is just a word of support letting them know they aren’t alone after a recent cancer diagnosis. If you’re wanting to try something, and make a difference, become a medical assistant, you won’t regret it!”

    Alizabeth Crocker – PMA, Class of 2018

  • “From start to finish, this program was the most challenging yet most rewarding experience in my career to date. Josh and the other instructors worked tirelessly to ensure we were faced with realistic challenges in order to prepare us for our futures in our profession. They challenged us to think out of the box and out of the book because, as I have learned, no two cases are alike. Our clinical placements opened my eyes to the idea that I could love to work in in-patient just as much as I thought I would love working in out-patient. By the end of our education, I had secured a job and have been working in an outpatient setting for over a year. I continue to recall clinical practicals that I thought had defeated me, only to realize they made me that much stronger of a clinician today. IOT is the stepping stone I needed to pursue my career, with the comradery of my classmates to keep me motivated and instructors that became lifelong mentors.”

    Shelbie Gratteau – PTA, Class of 2021

  • “I enrolled on a whim with this location. I was tired of working in automotive and wanted a change in my life, not only for myself but for my children. I needed more stability than automotive was able to provide for us. I called and got set up with Cam and met with her the same week. She talked and walked me through everything from financial aid to job placements. I was hesitant at first, but she sweet-talked me into this big change. I began courses in November, and with the help of my instructors, I made it through until the world (as we knew it at the time) ended. I thought that was it. Covid was going to ruin my chances of graduating and moving up in my life. IOT bent over in every way to make sure its students were able to push through. With online instruction and zoom labs, we were finally able to come back on campus to continue to my goals. They placed me with an amazing company, and I have been with the same company ever since. I owe so much to the instructors that believed in me and pushed me through the hardest chapter of my life. Thank you to those who matter the most and helped guide and push me through to my so much better life.”

    Kayleigh Jones – PMA, Class of 2020

  • “I graduated in June of 2020 from IOTs licensed vocational nursing program. And passed my Nclex on the first try! Shortly after passing, I was hired at kaweah Health Medical Center in Visalia, on the Oncology unit. Where I got my feet wet and got the hang of the medsurg experience. After spending around 8 months in Oncology a new position came available on the Postpartum mother baby unit, I was worried I wouldn’t get hired as an LVN in a speciality unit, with only 8 months of nursing experience but luckily I got in! I have been with Mother baby for a Year in a half now and was just recognized as Licensed Vocational Nurse of the Year in my Department! What!? I could not have done any of this without the love and support from all of my instructors at IOT. I remember being SO stressed about pediatric dose conversions and sitting down with Dr. Barr for extra help with math and I’m so proud to say I use this math everyday on my unit giving pediatric injections! Thank you to my IOT family for everything. ♥️ And don’t ever think any of you will be stuck working in a SNF! The sky is the limit.”

    Arianna Myrick – VN, Class of 2020

  • “I previously graduated from IOT, it was an amazing experience. Ms. Megan definitely taught me a lot of things and was very supportive!!”

    Jhonana Garcia – PMA, Class of 2022

  • “When searching for a career I knew I wanted to do physical therapy but wasn’t sure where to start. IOT offered me a huge jump start in my career in just 18 months. If you’re wanting to be a PTA, DPT in the future, can’t get into a PT program, are a tech, and need the next step, this program is for you. I’m now working in acute care as a PTA and love my job, and how I’m helping my community. My only advice is you will receive the work you put in. You will have tough days but the hard work is worth it in the end! Thank you, IOT for the resources, free tutoring, and preparing me for any facility!”

    Julia Head – PTA, Class of 2022

  • “I was a recently divorced single mother of 3 that had very little work experience. I needed to be able to provide for my children and fast. I was already getting my prerequisites done at Shasta College when I heard about IOT. I switched to IOT to be able to fast track my education and potentially get a job right away to support my children. It worked! I was hired at my externship location and continued to work as a Certified Medical Assistant for 10 years. I am now currently working at IOT as an Instructor for the PMA program. Everything has come full circle and I am now training future healthcare professionals. I am glad I made the choice to enroll in IOT!”

    Liane Gleason – PMA, Class of 2012

  • “When I signed up for this school Honestly i had no idea that i was going to finish or even if was something that i wanted to do with my life. I was stuck. During my first MOD professional development our final project was our 5 year plan and to present it infront of the class. From that moment on i knew that i was in the right field. It wasn’t until i met my teacher Ms Megan that i knew i was in the right place and at the right time. IOT changed my life for the better in so many ways snd it’s all because of Ms Megan . She has this thing where she can relate to each student individually and her way of teaching we just got it. As everybody we all have our life struggles and for my short time at IOT ms Megan was my lifeline. Yes she taught me everything i needed to know. But she also made me become this incredible MA. I now work in a plastic surgeons office in Las Vegas and couldn’t be happier. Let’s just say my 5 year plan is literally falling into place snd ifs all because of IOT.”

    Melissa Burton – PMA, Class of 2019

  • “The PTA program at IOT is the real deal. It is not for someone who is trying to waste their time. If you want to succeed, you will succeed. The instructors for the program all bring in their personal experiences to give you some insight while sticking to the script of the textbooks. If you know this is what you want to get into, then join the program, buckle down, and get your stuff done in 18 months. If you’re hesitating or not sure, try applying to be a pt tech at a clinic to get your feet wet before diving in. I am definitely still loving my job a year and a half later. Lots to learn still, but I am having fun while doing it."

    Matthew Montes – PTA, Class of 2021