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Johnnathan Alvarado – Practical Nursing – IDL Graduate | Salem

“After passing my nursing licensure exam, I was able to secure a job with On-Site Health and Safety. This job has been a great fit for me, as it allows me to use my nursing skills to help employees achieve their health and wellness goals.

Working in this field has also given me a greater appreciation for the importance of first aid. I have seen firsthand how proper first aid can save lives, prevent injuries from becoming more serious, and ultimately save money for everyone involved.

At the same time, I feel like I’m contributing to a bigger goal by performing professional-level first aid. By helping to keep employees healthy and safe, I’m helping to make the world more efficient with its resources and a better place.

Overall, I am grateful for the training and education I received at the Institute of Technology, as it prepared me for my career in nursing and gave me the skills and confidence I needed to succeed. And while my career path has taken some unexpected turns, I am proud of the work I am doing now and the positive impact I am making on the lives of others.”

Johnnathan Alvarado – PN, Class of 2022