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Culinary Arts Diploma FAQ

There’s no better way to spice up your career than with a Culinary Arts Diploma! Institute of Technology helps budding chefs feed their passions and get cooking with exciting opportunities. Curious about how our program works? Check out our most frequently asked culinary arts degree questions to see whether or not this program is right for you!

What can you do with a Culinary Degree? What are the career options?

So much! The food and restaurant industry is always looking for fresh talent, and people are always hungry for something new! In addition to working in a kitchen or owning your own restaurant, there are many paths open to those with culinary training, including:

  • Nutritionist: Help people understand their dietary needs 
  • Hospitality Management: Oversee operations for resort and hotel kitchens 
  • Food Critic/Social Media Influencer: Use your expert palate to find and promote up and coming restaurants and foodie trends 
  • Food Product Developer: Bring innovative new food products to consumers 
  • Speciality Chef: Cook for niche audiences, such as performance athletes or allergy-sensitive diners
  • Food Broker/Buyer: Connect restaurateurs with food vendors to make day-to-day service run smoothly

Is a Culinary Degree worth it? Is Culinary School a waste?

If working with food is your passion, culinary school is a good investment. While it’s true that you could get started in a kitchen as a prep cook with limited experience, a formal education will give you a significant jumpstart on the knowledge and know-how needed for a successful, fulfilling career.

Going to culinary school will help you: 

  • Explore many different types of cuisine 
  • Master a wide range of cooking techniques
  • Understand how a kitchen works 
  • Gain experience alongside industry professionals 
  • Choose a career path that fits your interests and skills

What are the pros and cons of becoming a chef?

Every career path has its ups and downs, and the culinary world is no different. Having a clear understanding of what it’s like to be a chef can help you prepare for what’s ahead. 

The pros and cons of being a chef include: 


  • Accelerated degree programs help you get into the workforce faster than traditional college experiences
  • Highly creative field that rewards risk taking and ingenuity 
  • Wide range of career opportunities, including many different types of kitchen environments 


  • Stiff competition from other foodie hopefuls 
  • Long hours in the kitchen which can also include nights, weekends, and holidays 
  • Making yourself stand out from the crowd can take time

Start simmering your culinary career at IOT! 

Our culinary program can help you achieve your foodie dreams. For more details on our Culinary Arts Degree program, contact us to get started!