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Shelbie Gratteau – Physical Therapist Assistant Graduate | Redding

“From start to finish, this program was the most challenging yet most rewarding experience in my career to date. Josh and the other instructors worked tirelessly to ensure we were faced with realistic challenges in order to prepare us for our futures in our profession. They challenged us to think out of the box and out of the book because, as I have learned, no two cases are alike.

Our clinical placements opened my eyes to the idea that I could love to work in in-patient just as much as I thought I would love working in out-patient. By the end of our education, I had secured a job and have been working in an outpatient setting for over a year. I continue to recall clinical practicals that I thought had defeated me, only to realize they made me that much stronger of a clinician today. IOT is the stepping stone I needed to pursue my career, with the comradery of my classmates to keep me motivated and instructors that became lifelong mentors.”

Shelbie Gratteau – PTA, Class of 2021