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Nidya Trevino – Cosmetology Graduate | Clovis

“My story I believe everyone at school knows about it. I enroll in school back in September 2020 I had my ups and downs but never wanting to give up, so I left in sep came back February 2021 and been in school since then I am a mother of 8 kids and take care of my mom as well I know Is a 10 th month program but I took 1 and a halve little laugh!

The teachers are amazing fun the director of hair design, aka Mrs r, is the best! Mrs. Woods is been like my guardian Angel student director she’s been there for me since I was an MA I had a lot support from everyone I’m not going to lie when I started, I was a hand full, but they manage me I enjoy every minute I’m there I grew up with them if I can say I learn how to be a professional. I will miss everyone Mrs r Mrs. Kue, Mrs g Mrs. Anaya, Mrs. Dana Mrs wood my guardian Angel and specially Mr. Ron he probably thought I forgot about him very unique person. Thanks IOT for giving me the opportunity to come back.”

Nidya Trevino – COSMO, Class of 2022