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Michael Razo – Culinary Arts Diploma Graduate | Clovis

“As a young and concerning father I had enrolled to COS for about a year while working 40+ hours a week. It was then that I decided I needed a career and that I knew I had a passion for working with my hands and being on my feet. Culinary Arts is something that I was interested having the ability to create as well as taking care of people.

My passion for Asian food has always been a special connection since I was a kid. Having been around the rice farms up north and seeing firsthand the passion for food and culture through one of the Japanese owners where a few family members had worked. I made it my passion to study the culture and culinary aspects of asian culture. Straight out of culinary school, I landed my first restaurant job as a sushi chef. The passion of living by the sword kept me on my toes as pushing myself to edge to be the best I could be. Day in and day out. Taking pride in what I created and how I presented my plates as well as myself. This is where I met my the love of my life and wife. We started and family, and she pushed me to continue my dreams and passion of sushi and culinary art. This is when we made the choice to move to the Bay Area where I worked for Blowfish Sushi to die for.

Ristu San is a very well-respected culinary giant of the Japanese cuisine having his restaurants in San Fransisco and San Jose Santana Row. Ristu sushi was all about skill, and this is where I went back to school to perfect my craft. After while we came back to where we began, the valley. I took on new adventures and executive chef positions. My wife and I decided it was time to execute our Dream! This Is how Makiritto was born. We took on a high-profile spot to bring our love and pride of Asian cuisine into a restaurant that offered fresh quality food at a price everyone can afford.”

Michael Razo, CAD, Class of 2008