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Megan Goodeill – Professional Medical Assistant Graduate | Modesto

“In 2008 The real estate market began to crumble. I was enrolled and waiting for the RN program at MJC with a potential wait of 7 years. I knew as a single mother of 2 it was crucial I found a career that provided stability for my family. I also knew I wanted to do something with substance, something my heart was into. Since I was a child I wanted to do healthcare. I saw how my dad was neglected by so many healthcare workers and I wanted to make a difference.

I went online in my real estate office and found IOT Modesto offering a 9 month course for Medical Assisting. I met with an admissions rep and decided I was ready to go full force. I worked during the day in the financial aid department on campus as a federal work study and took the night PMA class. I had some of the most amazing instructors ever. I was top of my class a straight A student and maintained perfect attendance my entire program. I learned a lot and the hands on was the best part. I of course was met with challenges along the way like my child becoming very ill and lacking the financial resources needed to make it to class. I told myself daily that what I was doing was going to pay off and to never quit.

My externship was in a urology clinic in town. I loved it! They were surprised at how much we learned at IOT and offered me the position 3 days into my extern. I continued my education and worked in many different specialties along my journey. I’ve lead offices and learned a lot. I’ve now been giving back and teaching the PMA program at the same campus in Modesto for 4 wonderful years. I absolutely thank IOT and my previous instructors for my successful career and might I add it’s been a very rewarding one at that.

I love giving back and teaching all of these amazing students. Without IOT Modesto I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Megan Goodeill – PMA, Class of 2009