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Alizabeth Crocker – Professional Medical Assistant Graduate | Salem

“I started my program at IOT with some experience working in retail, and then I had been a caregiver in group homes but never really found anything that truly made me happy. I was so excited to start my program at IOT. Along the way, I made some lifelong friends, and it was all around a great experience. I juggled working full time and school full time. I finished with honors, and couldn’t be happier with my decision.

I’ve been employed at PeaceHealth St Joseph Cancer Center as a Medical Assistant in Bellingham, WA, for almost 2 years now, and I love it! My day-to-day is busy, and I love being able to make those connections without patients that we see, even if it is just a word of support letting them know they aren’t alone after a recent cancer diagnosis. If you’re wanting to try something, and make a difference, become a medical assistant, you won’t regret it!”

Alizabeth Crocker – PMA, Class of 2018