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Criminology and Emergency Response Management Degree FAQ

Protect and serve with a Criminology and Emergency Response Management Degree from Institute of Technology! This exciting degree gives you the skills to keep people safe during an emergency or disaster, and provides many rewarding job opportunities. Curious about your career options with this degree? Explore our most frequently asked questions to discover whether this path is right for you. 

What can you do with a Criminology and Emergency Response Management Degree? 

Earning a public service degree creates opportunities in a wide variety of sectors. Graduates can work in many different environments, from government buildings to hospitals, colleges to research institutions. Your education prepares you to assess and avoid risks, with titles such as: 

  • Community Service Officer
  • Deputy Sheriff 
  • Extradition Officer 
  • Immigration Officer 
  • Crime Reduction Manager
  • Sustainability Consultant 
  • Emergency Services Manager 
  • Safety Specialist 
  • Disaster Recovery Manager 
  • Border Patrol Agent 
  • Environmental Health Officer 
  • Crisis Response Specialist 
  • And more

What is crisis management in criminal justice? 

Crisis management in relation to criminal justice spans a wide range of law enforcement situations. Officers and crisis specialists need to be able to respond to emergency situations where human lives are at stake, including terrorism, public disorder situations, and more. 

Law enforcement needs to both handle the situation while it’s happening and then execute consequences as necessary. Individuals must learn practical tactics along with mental agility in order to perform during a crisis. 

Is emergency management a good career? 

Keeping the public safe is a rewarding career. While most of us don’t like to think about disasters, the truth is that we never know when emergency will strike. From natural disasters to safety threats, unexpected emergencies cause serious threats to communities of all sizes. 

Because safety is important across the board, emergency management is a promising career field. Experienced individuals can work in many settings in many different roles, offering many opportunities to advance and broaden skill sets over the course of a career. 

What is it like to work in emergency management? 

Emergency managers are responsible for assessing potential threats and harm to a community. These dangers range from natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and more, or security threats such as acts of terrorism, hazardous material releases, or widespread illness. Emergency managers must be able to quickly assess situations and provide real-time plans for keeping people safe. 

Anyone pursuing this career path needs hands-on training to fully understand how to handle security threats. At IOT, we prepare students using the latest technology and industry standards, as well as other leading benefits such as: 

  • Access to the IVR-300 Training Simulator
  • Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) security guard card
  • Standards and Training for Corrections certificate

Start a new career at IOT! 

If you’re ready to serve your community with valuable safety skills, this career path may be right for you. For more details on our Criminology and Emergency Response Management Degree program, contact us to get started!