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An interview with Jeff Hepburn

What Was Your Career Path Before You Entered the Field of Physical Therapy?

I worked as a wholesale purchase manager for a large floral company in Las Vegas,which involved a lot of on-the-road and networking with clients and sellers. I learned much about customer service, self-discipline, ethics, and business. 

How Did You Begin Your Career? What Motivated You to Take This Path?

Growing up, I enjoyed Jiu-Jitsu, Skateboarding, and wrestling. So injuries and Physical Therapy were common occurrences. I was always intrigued by the Physical Therapy practices I completed my visits at and nearly every clinic I went to seemed to be a fun work environment.

Why Did You Want to Become a Teacher?

I started by teaching free self-defense classes ten or so years ago. I loved seeing the excitement and progress of my students. I also have many years of mentorship and clinical instruction, so moving into education felt natural and an exciting new challenge for myself to grow. 

Why Were You Interested in Teaching at the Institute of Technology?

The Institute of Technology gives instructors the tools to make a difference in students’ lives. The smaller campus and approach to education here help us connect more with our students. It is nice that students can walk to my office or get a hold of a person at the front desk, not have to navigate telephone AI webs to reach a person. 

What is Your Greatest Professional Accomplishment?

Teaching is my greatest accomplishment. When I hear from other PT professionals that our students are leaps and bounds more skilled and experienced than other students or recent grads, I can’t help but be proud of the quality clinician we continue to help facilitate here at IOT. 

How Do You Use Technology in the Classroom?

I integrate technology into lectures, labs, and assignments. Integrating technology helps to keep students engaged and prepares them for the electronic age of medical records and virtual therapy. I often post about new surgical practices, robotics, and other relevant tech-forward videos and articles to the students. 

How Do You Motivate Students?

I have been working in this field for nearly twenty years. I do my best to let my ongoing excitement and passion for this field come through during student interactions and class time. I also help facilitate the journey for each student and make it one that fits their personality. Student success is the main focus. 

What Would You Say to a Prospective Student About the Physical Therapy Assistant Program?

We have a standard of quality in our approach; the data shows that our board pass rates and employer satisfaction are above the national average. Because we are a small department and campus compared to other colleges, Our staff is more than ready to help you succeed and enjoy your journey to becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant!



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