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Jul 24, 2017

5 Must-Have Qualities Every Medical Assistant Needs


Do you have what it takes to succeed in the medical field as a Professional Medical Assistant? If you’re looking to start your career in medical assisting or you are already working in the field, there are a variety of qualities that will help you be successful on the job. From helping others to a dedication to detail, we’ve listed the top 5 must-have qualities of a Professional Medical Assistant.

1. Compassionate

Whether you’re working in the front office or the back office, it’s important to be compassionate toward patients and put them at ease. A great medical assistant is empathetic to a patient’s needs in order to create a positive experience.

2. Dependable

From the moment you choose to become a medical assistant, you must be dedicated toward being dependable and detail oriented in all aspects of the job. When working with patients, a medical assistant must make sure that everything collected from the patient—from medical history to blood work—is accurate and confidential.

3. Adaptable

You will have a variety of patients and every day is going to be different from the last. A medical assistant must be able to multi-task and keep a level head when the office gets hectic. At any point in time, a medical assistant might be needed for blood draws and lab work, taking vital signs and performing non-invasive procedures, or general patient care. A good medical assistant will easily move from one role to the next.

4. Problem Solver

While one benefit of the medical field is being surrounded by other medical professionals, it is important to be able to react independently when problems arise and to solve these problems quickly and efficiently.

5. Passionate

At the end of the day, medical assisting is hard work and requires each of the previous qualities mixed in with passion for the job. A desire to help others and make a difference in a patient’s life is what drives medical assistants to succeed in their career. A job isn’t work if you’re doing what you love.


Do You Have the Qualities Needed to be a Professional Medical Assistant?

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