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Pharmacy Technician: Amplify Your Aspirations

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Are you excited about the idea of advocating for pharmacy patients on the front lines and behind the scenes? A role as a pharmacy tech could be your calling!


As the vital intersection of patient care in a pharmacy setting, employment in this field is projected to increase by 20% between 2012 and 2022. By 2022, this industry is forecasted to grow by 70,700 jobs.*

Where can I work?

Pharmacy technicians can serve patient care in many settings, including:*

  • Pharmacies and drugstores
  • Hospitals
  • General merchandise
  • Other
  • Grocery and retail
  • Ambulatory health care


What can I do?

Those interested in a job role that balances pharmacy patient education with inventory management and a variety of other functions can pursue career paths such as:

  • Pharmacy aid
  • Pharmacy clerk
  • Registered pharmacy technician

The face of pharmacy tech

A pharmacy technician is required to effectively communicate with patients and expedite responsibilities such as preparing patient medications or organizing pharmacy stock. Traits that enhance success in this job role include:

  • Communicative
  • Detail-oriented
  • Mathematically inclined
  • Personable

To learn more about finding your place in this exciting, growing field, contact us today!

Pharmacy Technician Outlook Chart