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Physical Therapist Assistant

IOT Fast Facts

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Are you looking for a rewarding career in health care and aspire to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives on a regular basis? If the idea of working with patients to help them return back to their prior level of mobility and function with physical therapy is appealing, then IOT’s Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) program can put you on this path in just a short time.

Believing in Your Success

At IOT, we want to see you reach all of your learning and career goals, which is why we offer an integrated learning experience in the classroom, lab, and clinic to develop your application of knowledge, communication, ethical & legal judgement, critical thinking, and problem solving skills

Your PTA training immerses you in the real world of your specialty from day one in the classroom, so you can be ready for day one on the job.

Skills and knowledge areas of focus include:

Anatomy and Physiology
Introduction to Physical Therapy
Functional Anatomy
Patient Care
Neuromuscular Rehabilitation
Therapeutic Exercise

What can I do?

As a graduate of IOT’s PTA program, you can take on a variety of exciting opportunities in this growing field. You’ll be able to work at:

Private Physical Therapy Offices
Rehabilitation Centers
Home Health Agencies
And more!

Please review our Prospective Student Handbook.

Our Educators

Jimmy Pacini, PTA

Jimmy Pacini, Director of Clinical Education for the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Program, is a licensed PTA with experience in hospital-based outpatient care, specializing in orthopedic and neurological conditions. At the hospital, he was responsible for organizing clinical staff in-services as well as managing physical therapy aides. Jimmy has been active in the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) which has led to positions at the local district, state, and national levels. Currently, he is the San Joaquin Valley District PTA Representative, the California PTA Caucus Representative, and APTA Advocacy Awards Committee Member. Jimmy has also served as the California PTA Caucus Alternate Representative, PTA Caucus Communication Committee Co-chair, and California Student Conclave Task Force Member. His passion for professional advocacy has led to participation in several lobbying days at the state and national level as well as guest speaking opportunities on current professional issues and ethics in physical therapy.

Adeel H. Rizvi, PT, DPT:

Adeel H. Rizvi, PT, DPT is a licensed Physical Therapist (PT) and the Director of the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) Program at the Clovis Campus. He holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and is currently pursuing a PhD in Health Sciences with a concentration in Global Health Education and Research. Prior to his appointment Dr. Rizvi has aided in the development of two PTA programs and looks forward to developing the program for IOT. He also brings with him over fifteen years of experience in the field, where he has acted in various capacities, including PT Aide, PTA, PT, Consultant, and Associate Director. Dr. Rizvi is the recipient of several awards, with the most recent being a Certificate of Recognition from the California Legislature Assembly for his work with uninsured and underserved patients and families of Orange County, CA.

Hours of Instruction/Program Length

This program is 1,573 hours and 65.5 semester credit hours. Classes are held Monday through Thursday for 80 weeks. An Independent Study component is included. See your admissions representative for available class times.

Get Started

Contact us today to learn more about this program and see how you can start your career in healthcare.

Where can I learn?

IOT offers Physical Therapist Assistant training at:

Campuses offering our Physical Therapist Assistant program:

Program Accreditation

On April 26, 2017, the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) acted to deny candidacy for the physical therapist education program at the Institute of Technology – Clovis. CAPTE reached this decision after a thorough review of all materials provided by the program, as well as information provided by on-site visitors. The deficiencies have been clearly identified in CAPTE’s Summary of Action, which we received on May 10, 2017.

Deny Candidacy is an adverse decision that can be reconsidered by CAPTE upon request from the program and institution. Reconsideration usually occurs at the next meeting of CAPTE in the spring or fall. If the program does not seek reconsideration, then the decision to deny will be final. If the program seeks reconsideration and the decision to deny is reversed, the program will be granted candidacy and will be able to start classes. If on reconsideration the original decision is upheld, then the decision to deny candidacy will be final unless the program appeals that decision to an Appeal Panel appointed by the APTA Board of Directors and the Appeals Panel finds that the decision to deny should not stand.

In the interest of the public trust that the accreditation process serves, all enrolled and prospective students are hereby notified that candidacy of the physical therapist assistant education program at the Institute of Technology – Clovis has been denied.

The Institute of Technology filed a request for reconsideration on May 15, 2017 which will be reviewed and acted upon by CAPTE on October 19, 2017. If the decision to deny is reversed, the program will be granted candidacy and will be able to start classes in the fall of 2017. Applicant students will be advised accordingly subsequent to the CAPTE decision.

A copy of this letter and a list of all individuals to whom it has been distributed are being sent to CAPTE at its request. CAPTE expects that the program will provide students with accurate information about the program’s status of Deny Candidacy and reasonable information about the identified deficiencies. In addition, CAPTE reserves the right to disclose the action to deny candidacy to the public.

Questions regarding the candidacy status of this program or the reasons for the action to deny candidacy should be directed to the program faculty. Questions about the candidacy or accreditation process may be directed to the Department of Accreditation, Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education, American Physical Therapy Association, 1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.

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