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Redding – Coordinator/Career Services Guru

The effervescent Sheryl Martini has a long history in the medical community in Redding, California. Starting as a medical assistant more than 28 years ago, Sheryl’s career has been a consistent cycle of promotions and transformations. She’s been everywhere in the medical community in Redding, from marketing and customer service training to hiring and consulting. But according to Sheryl, her recent switch to extern coordinator at Institute of Technology might be her most rewarding career yet.

At Institute of Technology’s Redding campus, Sheryl’s greatest task is to make sure that the school represents itself well in the community. After all, you never get a second chance at a first impression. Among other responsibilities, the job includes driving back and forth to medical offices around the area, interviewing doctors and office managers to find out what kind of students they need, and in return, interviewing students to make sure they will be a successful match.

“I know the doctors’ offices really well. I know the personalities that will fit. So when I send out a student, I make sure it’s a good fit for that doctor and for that student. So in turn, they’re having a great experience, the office is having a great experience, and it looks good on us. I spend an awful lot of time getting to know the student before I place them,” said Sheryl.

And she’s been doing a great job at it. As of mid-August, the Redding campus had over 149 medical extern slots, which is a huge number considering the small size of the school. Sheryl says, “It’s a lot of work right now because we are so new and I still have to go out there and change people’s perceptions. But the feedback has been amazing. People are surprised. Doctors’ offices that have our students are very surprised by how much knowledge they have and how well they’re trained, so it’s been a lot of positive feedback.”

Sheryl is simply laying the foundation for the mutually beneficial relationships that will lead to high placement rates for Redding’s future graduates. Her eyes light up every time she speaks about it, and you can tell that she is committed to her students, helping them fulfill their dreams, one externship at a time. “When a student gets a job, I celebrate like it’s my job, too. I will always feel connected to these students, no matter how long they’re out there, or if they’re changing offices or changing careers or whatnot, I feel connected, and I feel like we’re making a difference,” Sheryl said.

If it’s not already obvious, the students at Institute of Technology are in great hands with Sheryl Martini on their side. The future looks bright for the Redding campus, and students graduating in the tight-knit community of Redding should be excited for what their future will hold. Sheryl’s smile beams when she says, “We’re gonna rock this, and we’re going to have the community looking for ‘Institute of Technology graduate’ on their resumes.”