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All great journeys begin with that first step

Step 1
Inquire about our programs via the telephone, through the mail, on a walk-in basis, or simply use the Request Information form.

Step 2
Schedule an appointment with an Admissions Representative at the campus nearest you.

Step 3
All students must successfully pass a 12-minute assessment test.

Step 4
Enroll in your program and start your journey!

Take the steps need to start a new career. Now is the time to train for something you have always wanted.

We have locations in Clovis, Modesto & Redding California and Salem Oregon.

Institute of Technology accepts, as regular students, those who are being vocationally rehabilitated, whether it is through a private rehabilitation agency or a state agency. An Admissions Representative will assist in the application process. Prospective students are still encouraged to contact an Admissions Representative in the event they do not possess a High School Diploma or GED.