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Earn Your High School Diploma Through Penn Foster

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Penn Foster Program

Don’t have a high school diploma or GED? Earn your high school diploma through the Penn Foster High School Diploma program. If you have transferrable credits from previous high school or GED work, they count!

You owe your future self the opportunity to succeed. IOT wants to help by offering a connection to Penn Foster and their online high school diploma program.

How the High School Diploma Program Works

  • Give us a call and schedule an appointment to learn about the Penn Foster program.
  • Collect your high school transcripts to determine how many transferrable credits you have.
  • Take your Penn Foster high school program online with assistance from the IOT Penn Foster Coordinator. With the Penn Foster program, visit IOT 2-3 times a week and learn at your own pace by going through short, easy-to-understand lessons and online tests. Penn Foster electives allow you to explore various career fields.
  • By studying on the IOT campus, you have the opportunity to engage with your Penn Foster Coordinator and with other students to help you through the program.
  • In as little as 12 weeks, receive your high school diploma after completing all requirements.

For People Who?

  •  Don’t have a high school diploma or GED
  • Have had challenges completing the GED
  • Are looking for a second chance at a better future