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Tanya Spalti

Criminology & Emergency Response Management Grad

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“I have worked at several jobs in my life; none of them ever paid me enough to live on. I was a single mother for years and struggled with daycare costs and the general costs of living.

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Once married, our family still struggled financially, but not as much as we once did.

My husband and I had another child and I became a stay at home mom. This has its rewards, but as everyone knows, there is no pay involved for all the hard work of a parent. I did this for several years before going back to work (part-time) in an attempt to give my family some extra money to put towards our savings.

In July of 2014, I started looking for employment in my area that also provided medical benefits. My husband’s job provided benefits but it had taken him out of town for 15 years and he had missed out on so much of our lives. While sitting on the couch one evening searching for jobs on the internet, I realized that the majority of the jobs available required an AA degree. Almost simultaneously an Institute of Technology commercial came on the TV. I had no idea that IOT offered a Criminology program.

Fast forward, I have graduates from the Criminology and Emergency Response Management program at IOT and it has changed my life entirely. The courses were challenging and are taught by phenomenal Instructors.

I have learned so much about myself and the strength that I have within me. I have truly found my passion and that is a freedom like no other. I was hired by a Law Enforcement agency in January and my training from IOT has made me a valued team member and employee there. My evaluations at work have been outstanding and have given yet more to learn from. The IOT Career Services Department assisted me every step of the way through the employment process. I can say that without the training from my Instructors at IOT, I would not be the Officer I am today.”

– Tanya Spalti