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Samantha Suarez

Professional Medical Assistant Grad

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Samantha Suarez - Professional Medical Assistant Grad

After High school, I decided to do something quick and hands-on. I am a hands-on person and dedicate myself to having a great time while learning.

I became part of the Professional Medical Assisting program in January of 2015. All the information from my Admissions Rep. and her interest in helping me further my education helped me decide to become a student at Institute of Technology.

The classes were small and focused on each student as an individual. Whenever I was in need of help, a teacher would help and make sure I was receiving all the information that would benefit me. Doing lab work, and having the teacher by my side as I did my practicals and venipunctures gave me confidence. Being able to get my hands on all the things that were going to be done in a medical office pushed me to do my best and focus.

Everything I learned at school was finally tested at my externship site. I used what I learned in class, and all the skills, tips, and advice I received from the students and teachers and eventually got hired. Working for a Medical office straight out of school has been the best feeling ever. It makes me have faith in the school and proud to have chosen IOT.

At work I do vitals, prepare for venipunctures, EKG’s and much more. Everything I learned is being used at my job. My job has helped me out in so many ways. Not only financially but it also helps mentally. Being able to provide for my family and help my mother out makes me feel so happy. My confidence has gone up and I’m proud that all the studying and tests have paid off.

Institute of Technology has made a big impact on my life. The staff and the students are great and provided great comfort which made my journey so easy and enjoyable.