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Michael Guzman


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Michael Guzman - HVAC Grad

Michael Guzman knew he wanted to do something to better his future. He came to Institute of Technology with the goal of making a better future for himself, and building a career. Michael’s hard work has paid off. He maintained a 97% GPA throughout his time in school, and was hired by a Fresno Air Conditioning Contractor 2 months prior to graduation. Michael completed the HVAC program with Dean’s List honors and a great career underway.

Michael had the following to say about his experience:

My name is Michael Guzman. I grew up with a lot of financial problems. This pushed me to be all I can be, and go as far as I can. After graduating high school I wanted to be the first generation in my family to go to college. I wanted to start a career that would allow me to prove myself and help my family.

One day a friend recommended that I go to Institute of Technology. I was already searching for a career, so I came to check it out. That’s where I saw the HVAC program and I knew what my career was going to be.

IOT has great Instructors and staff who made it easy to succeed. I talked to Career Services and they helped me make a great resume and apply with an Air Conditioning Contractor. I am now employed by a great company with great co-workers.

Thanks to IOT I am now a success and I can now help the people who need it. I am looking forward to an amazing future.

– Michael Guzman