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Lorenzo Parra


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First, I’d like to thank God for giving me the opportunity to attend such a great school. I’d also like to thank the staff at IOT that took part in helping my education in HVAC: my HVAC instructors, my Admissions Representative, and my advisor in Career Services.

Lorenzo Parra

Also, let’s not forget my new boss, Peter who gave me this awesome opportunity. Life is a challenge and we all face several adversities as I did. I came to IOT with struggles to overcome, a less than stellar background, and had many things that were holding me back from succeeding in life. But with the support of my church, Christ and the staff at IOT, I was able to overcome the obstacles I faced and succeed with a job as an Appliance Technician at Appliance Service Plus.

Your background circumstances will only hold you back if you allow them.

Thank you to everyone who helped me become a successful Appliance Technician!

– Lorenzo Parra