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Jessica Espinoza

Medical Office Administration Grad

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Earlier this week I received an email to write about how the Institute of Technology, has aided in the success in my life. The email took me back to my first initial contact from IOT. I remember watching the commercial and thinking to myself, ”I have to check this school out.”

Woman smiling at camera wearing a name tag

So I met with a counselor and the very next week I started the Medical Office Administration program.

My very first day at IOT was also the very first day I drove on the freeway, ever! Just driving there I was taking my very first step to success. After meeting with my counselor, I had this feeling of self-worth that only made me want to knock out anything that came my way.

I had that same positive vibe during my entire program. IOT has chosen the best instructors and counselors to help you with whatever they can in any way they can. The entire staff is made up of the most positive, sincerely caring people. Starting from the receptionist at the front, to the Financial Aid Officers and everyone in between.

The programs are designed to help you and you are provided with learning material that is hard, but easy to understand, and instructors that are willing to take the extra time if you have questions.

The positive environment and skills I learned have followed me in every part of my life. When I first started at IOT, I was a single mother, with a part-time, low paying job, living in a cheaply made apartment, driving a car that barely ran.

Where I am now? I drive a nice car, working for the largest medical clinic in Red Bluff, CA and I’m applying for a mortgage loan as we speak to be able to live in my dream home.

Institute of Technology not only taught me book skills, they provided me with hands on skills. Institute of Technology gave me confidence and the positivity I received from everyone I came into contact with there, left me with the assurance that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. You crash and you burn, just dust yourself of, smile, and get back up.

Every single one of my goals from my dream poster are coming true. All I needed was a positive environment, positive people and a curriculum that was developed with success in mind.

– Jessica Espinoza