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Irene Sisneros

Medical Assistant Grad

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My name is Irene. I am a proud mother of six and an AWESOME wife to my husband. I was very fortunate to be able to take early retirement from my job in June of 1997. This retirement allowed me to stay home with my family, and partake in their sports, and assisted with PTA.

Irene Sisneros

When my youngest child was coming of school age, I made a decision that it was time for me to pursue my goals that I had before I graduated high school. It was either going to be a police officer, or work in the medical field.

After talking it over with my husband, a few days later I started looking around campuses, and meeting with people from various schools. When I met with someone at IOT, I had a really good vibe about it. I called my admissions representative and said, “Let’s do it.” I was enrolled and started the following Monday.

Things were going really good, and fate threw me a curve. I had a medical ailment that needed to be taken care of immediately. I had done what I needed to do and still was able complete the module at that time. The IOT team was there for me every step of the way. Shortly after that ordeal, fate threw me another curve, and again with IOT was at my side. I was able to complete the module at that time.

Towards the last of my modules, yet again, fate threw me a curve, and again IOT was right there cheering me on and making it work for me to finish and graduate with my class.

The entire team from admissions, education, and career services were awesome. I graduated on time and made Dean’s List. Not only did I have the drive to finish, I also had the push to finish. I learned so much from the instructor’s, the rest of the staff that I thank them. Then, one week I was offered a really good paying job with a respected hospital. Everybody asks me, how did I do it? I tell them that my support network was awesome, and all that were a part of that network were committed to make it happen. If I can do it, ANY student can do it!

Thank you Institute Of Technology, I will never forget our working together.

– Irene Sisneros