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Carolyn Bailey

Medical Assistant Grad

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Carolyn Bailey - Medical Assistant Grad

I always wanted to work in the Medical field.

I never thought that this dream of mine would ever come true. I worked for most of my life in jobs that gave me no satisfaction other than a paycheck. I wanted more. I used to drive past the Institute of Technology every day and wonder what they offered.

One day I stopped in.

I had just been laid off due the winter rains and once again, at Christmas, I was unemployed. I asked if there was someone I could speak to about the school and what it offered. I spoke to Megan and found that IOT offered me the medical career training I always thought was just a dream.

It’s not an easy course. I can honestly say it was pretty intense.

You will succeed only if you put effort into it. You will only get out of it what you put in it. I studied very hard, every day. I asked for help when I needed it and I tried to help my classmates when they needed it. I kept a positive attitude in class and I made goals for myself.

I achieved all that I wanted to, because I wanted to. The entire staff at IOT was always there for me and willing to lend a hand when needed. Now I am employed as a Medical Assistant. I have a career, not a job.

– Carolyn Bailey