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Angel Salazar Almeraz

Criminology Grad

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Angel Salazar - Almeraz Criminology Grad

Angel Salazar Almeraz came to the Institute of Technology with zero experience in law enforcement. His goal was that one day he’ll be able to get his foot through the door in the world of law enforcement.

IOT made that happen for him.

At IOT, he learned the skills that prepared him for real-life law enforcement. He was setup with a Career Services Advisor that helped him identify and apply for many positions, one of which was an application for a Correctional Officer position with Fresno County.

After graduation, he hadn’t heard from the applications submitted during school, so he entered the Fresno Police academy. 6 months after completing the Correctional Officer application and ranking 159, he was unsure if he was going to have a shot in the Corrections field.

A year after the application and having finished testing, interviews, background and evaluations, and he’s excited to announce that he is now a Correctional Officer with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department.

“If you truly have a passion for law enforcement or corrections. The process is lengthy. But if you are patient and go through all the steps, you too, can start a great new career just like I did.”

Take the steps today to have the career you’ve always wanted.