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Alisa Sanders & Nicolas Laswell

Culinary Grads

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Alisa Sanders & Nicolas Laswell

Working in Greece has been the best experience! Nicolas Laswell and I, Alisa Sanders, had the chance to work at Naxian Collection on the Greek island, Naxos. Thanks to Tim Vogeley, Campus President at the Clovis Campus, for all his help!

Nick took the position of Executive Chef and I was his Sous Chef. We gained the experience and knowledge of running a small luxury hotel kitchen and met some amazing people along the way. The island itself is ideal, with beautiful beaches and perfect weather.

We cooked for a variety of different families, couples, celebrities and political figures. We hosted famous Greek singers, politicians and journalist and we had the amazing opportunity to host Anthony Bourdain for a week while he filmed for his show on the island!

The owners of the hotel are generous and very helpful and made sure our experience here in Naxos Greece would be unforgettable. The owner’s family also owns farmland so Nick and I were able to visit and pick our produce for dinner service. The hotel also has its own small farm so we were able to maintain a farm to table menu.

While working at Naxian Collection, we picked up a lot of skills in Greek cuisine as well as being innovative and resourceful. We cooked for many parties of 20+ people with just the two of us in the kitchen and everyone was always full and satisfied. Along with learning local and traditional Greek cuisine, we also learned about wine making. We took part in picking the grapes and witnessed the wine making process. Picked, smashed, filtered and stored.

This was an experience Nick and I will never forget. Thank you IOT for making our experience a great one!

– Alisa Sanders & Nicolas Laswell