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Culinary Arts Specialist: Amplify Your Aspirations

If your artistic palette is an empty plate and your incentive to create is a diner’s satisfied smile, a career in the culinary arts could be an ideal career path. Through a variety of job roles, you can offer the gift of memorable culinary experiences.


For culinary graduates, there are positive employment projections across this industry. As of 2012, for those interested in pursuing a vocation as a chef, there were 115,400 jobs in this area. Graduates interested in the wide range of cook roles in this field can enter an employment market with 2,148,500 jobs.*

Where can I work?

Culinary arts specialists can have the opportunity to work in many challenging and inspiring settings. These specialists are represented in the following industry areas:*

  • Restaurants and other eateries
  • Traveler accommodation establishments
  • Special food services
  • Amusement and recreation organizations


What can I do?

As a culinary specialist, you can enhance the dining experiences of your clients and customers through your expertise in the fundamentals of food preparation as well as in niche areas such as:

  • Contemporary and international cuisine
  • Garde-manager
  • Pastry and baked goods

The face of culinary artistry

As the creative engine of a professional kitchen, culinary specialists need certain traits to thrive in this industry. These include:

  • Business savvy
  • Creativity
  • Effective communication skills
  • Leadership skills

To learn more about finding your place in this exciting, growing field, contact us today!