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Jun 26, 2020

Sugar Decorations? Yes please!

At the Institute of Technology (IOT) we take sugar very seriously. Mainly because it is delicious! But our Baking and Pastry students take it to a whole other level. It is with a steady hand, creativity and talent are the perfect combinations.

Spun sugar decorations are an art form but here is a great look at how you can also do them from home: SPUN SUGAR DECORATIONS

It takes a lot to create such delicate masterpieces but if you would like to plan ahead and save them remember to put them in an airtight container and store them only for a short about of time. Spun sugar is highly susceptible to heat so handle with care.

With this new understanding, we hope that the next time you have an amazing dessert with spun sugar that you now hold greater respect for all that went into the creation. Especially the artistry.

New classes start July 6th at IOT Clovis. Click Here for more info: BAKING AND PASTRY

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