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Sep 30, 2015

Top Ten Nursing Podcasts

To quote Mr. Dylan, “The times, they are changin’.” It used to be that anytime a nurse or anyone else wanted to learn something of value, that person had to take a class, go to a lecture, and or read a book. Then, after a few thousand years of no real change, there came the internet. With the internet there was a period when information could be acquired, but the quality and reliability could be hit or miss. Who knew if the information was accurate? Now, still early in the 21st Century we have podcasts from established and reputable sources that provide quality information that can be listened to almost anywhere and almost anytime. This technology can be used to improve a nurse’s knowledge level without taking a course.


Ten of the Best Podcasts Include:

1. NEJM: This is a podcost that is operated by the New England Journal of Medicine, one of the most reputable medical journals in the world. The quality of this podcast is very high and it is very reliable for nurses and doctors.

2. Drexel Medcast: This is a podcast from Drexel University College of Medicine. This podcast is great for nurses and others in the healthcare field, and it covers a great number of topics, often more than one per podcast.

3. Johns Hopkins Medicine Podcasts: this podcast keeps health providers up to date with the top stories related to medicine around the nation and globe each week. This podcast is informative and interesting to those who do not work in the healthcare industry too.

4. The Nurse State: This is a podcast that is made twice each month and created and presented by two nurses. These nurses discuss different issues that affect nursing in the world of medicine today, in a manner that lets the listener know the gloves are off.

5. Insights in Nursing: This is a podcast that is focused mostly on healthcare technology and ethics involved in healthcare.

6. ONF Podcast Series: This is a podcast that is directed mostly at oncology nurses. The Oncology Nursing Society presents this 20 minute podcast about how to care for patients during the different stages they go through after a cancer diagnosis.

7. Traveling Nurse Insider Podcast: This podcast is, as the name implies, directed toward nurses who earn their living as traveling nurses. The podcast is directed at a mixture of professional and medical issues that traveling nurses must deal with in their career.

8. CME Podcasting: This podcast is directed at Continuing Medical Education Podcasting and it lets nurses look for different podcasts and to browse different audio files and class materials. This podcast and its files take up issues that include geriatric treatments and issues, and autoimmune treatments and diagnoses.

9. Medical Rounds: This podcast is provides “on demand” medical topics and educational information from many different “disciplines” in medicine.

10. Instant Anatomy: This podcast provides listeners with the latest and up-to-date information about human anatomy.

There are many different podcasts from reliable sources that allow nurses, doctors, and interested people to continue learning, and to improve their ability to do their jobs well. If you are interested in nursing or another medical field, check out the medical programs IOT has to offer.