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Sep 18, 2015

Spicy Pineapple Chicken Kabobs

Do you have a fantasy of becoming the next top chef? The path to achieving your dream is clear- a career in the culinary arts is open to all. Stand beside the likes of Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay. The truly talented can make their own niche in the culinary world. Master new recipes and techniques. Learn how to get started in your chosen culinary career.

Do You Dread Putting the Grill Away?

Savor the taste of summer one more time. Give the grill one more go before packing it away. Spicy Pineapple Chicken Kabobs are a crowd favorite and a snap on the grill. Start with chicken, peppers, onion and juicy pineapple chunks. Learn how to make the Pineapple Marinade and Pineapple Grilling Sauce that delivers a burst of flavor in the first bite. After 12-15 minutes on the grill, enjoy a mouthful of sweet and spicy chicken goodness. Pair the kabobs with your favorite sides and the last of the local summer corn.



Want to Learn More?

You have family and friends that love coming to your events and outdoor gatherings. They simply can’t say no to another helping. Your passion shows when it comes time to cook. You watch the programs. You learned the traditions from your family as the kitchen is the social hub in many cultures. Food is an integral part of your life and how you share time with those you love. Your passion and thirst to know does not need to end. Open yourself to the idea of turning your love of food into a career.

Where Do You Start?

It begins with education. The Institute of Technology (IOT) takes new, hungry students and gives them the experiences that they need to succeed. You will learn in kitchens that simulate real world environments. Instructors use a nationally-recognized quality curriculum to ensure that you are ready for your first day on the job.

What are the Benefits of Taking Your First Steps with IOT?

  • IOT has an accelerated program that prepares you for a culinary career is less time than you think.
  • IOT offers one-on-one instruction to students from industry-experienced chefs and instructors.
  • IOT knows that hands-on, in-kitchen work is essential. The majority of your time is spent learning the skills and techniques you will need in the kitchen.
  • IOT faculty have a well-connected network. Know that introductions and opportunities are available with local culinary employers for those willing to give their all.

Culinary degree programs such as Baking and Pastry Specialist, Culinary Professional and Culinary Specialist are available at this Exemplary Program Status institute. Take your culinary skills to the next level.