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Aug 28, 2015

Traits of a Successful Pharmacy Tech

Being a pharmacy technician is challenging but rewarding. Before devoting the time and money that are needed to acquire the right education, find out the top traits of successful pharmacy techs. By understanding what the most successful pharmacy technicians have in common, you can make a more informed decision about pursuing this career.

Top Seven Traits of Successful Pharmacy Techs

Successful pharmacy techs have a lot of traits in common. Seven prime examples include:

  1. Math Skills – You should be comfortable with numbers and naturally gifted in math to be a skilled pharmacy tech. Throughout your workday, you will calculate dosages, which are typically measured in metric units. Sometimes, you must convert measurements too. The margin for error is non-existent.
  2. Memory – As you'll quickly learn during your pharmacy tech training, having a good memory helps a lot. You'll have to learn a dizzying array of medical terms, including the names of many medications. You must also learn lots of details about various drugs and should be able to recall why they are prescribed as well as other key facts.
  3. Communication Skills – Pharmacy technicians deal with the general public on a daily basis. They administer medications and also provide advice about using them. Therefore, it's crucial to have people skills and communication skills. Most importantly, you should be able to explain things in ways that laypeople can understand. Superior written communication skills are a must too.
  4. Computer Skills – In this day and age, most jobs require at least some computer skills. Pharmacy work is no exception. Modern computer systems keep track of patients as well as the prescriptions they've been prescribed. Proficiency with various programs and applications is essential if you want to be an effective pharmacy tech.
  5. Organizational Skills – The most successful pharmacy techs naturally pay close attention to detail. They also possess excellent organizational skills. Throughout their workdays, they must locate medications on shelves and make absolutely certain they are providing patients with the correct medications and dosages. In this line of work, guesswork is not allowed.
  6. Decision-Making Skills – Pharmacy technicians typically work in fast-paced environments. Patients expect to be assisted quickly, so they must be able to think quickly on their feet. This means being able to make decisions on the turn of a dime. As long as you know your stuff, this trait should follow naturally.
  7. Commitment to Professional Development – To be the best pharmacy tech you can be, you must be willing to pursue continuing education throughout your career. You need to in order to maintain your license, but you also should to stay on top of the latest medications and other developments in the industry.


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