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Jul 28, 2015

What to Do With an IMAT Degree

What to Do With an IMAT Degree
With a comprehensive education and training, someone who earns an Industrial Maintenance and Automated Technology (IMAT) degree has a number of career options available to him or her. The training in wiring, plumbing, load calculations and important electrical and building codes makes graduates of the Institute of Technology’s IMAT program properly prepared for many different career opportunities.

These are a just a few of the possibilities waiting for IMAT degree-holders:

Control System Technician
A control system technician is charged with installing and maintaining the control systems of a building. This may include air conditioning, heating and other industrial controls that keep a home, business or factory running. The job requires an extensive knowledge and skill sets that include digital and electrical systems and their interactions, and technicians are typically required to meet customer safety standards.

Control System Designer
Like a technician, a control system designer is tasked with managing the HVAC and industrial controls that run homes, businesses and factories. However, rather than focusing on the maintenance of these systems, a control system designer is the one who decides where to place pipes, tubes and control panels to make these systems work efficiently.

Electrical Systems Engineering Technician
By working in cooperation with a design team, as well as other engineering technicians, the electrical systems engineering technician develops data packages, maintenance work orders and manual supplements to install and repair electrical systems for production lines and processes. In addition, the engineering technician develops and repairs schemes for these processes that may include both simple and complex modifications.

Electromechanical Systems Technician
Combining mechanical technology knowledge with an understanding of electrical wiring and electronic circuits, an electromechanical systems technician is responsible for the installation, repairs and upgrades of electronic and computer-controlled systems in a business or factory. By working with electrical and mechanical engineers, these technicians are often tasked with troubleshooting these processes.

Industrial Maintenance Technician/Mechanic
Industrial maintenance technicians, sometimes referred to as industrial maintenance mechanics, are iStock_000045636326_XXXLarge.jpg
responsible for the ongoing repair and maintenance of production machinery used in factories and processing plants. By following proper safety procedures, these technicians must understand a wide range of equipment and controls, disassembling, repairing
and testing equipment and machinery on a regular basis to keep production facilities working at full capacity.

Robotic System Integration Engineering Technician
Using electrical, mechanical and electronic systems knowledge, robotic engineering technicians are integral to the development, use and production of automated equipment. These technicians are required to maintain and repair robotics machinery and components that are increasingly more common in production processes and factories. Because of the complex parts involved in a robotic system, these technicians must be highly trained and able to think critically.

These are a few of the many opportunities afforded to those who complete the Industrial Maintenance and Automated Technology degree with the Institute of Technology. As the reliance on electronic and mechanical systems continues to increase, these types of engineers and technicians will be more in demand to keep homes, businesses and production facilities running smoothly.