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Jul 21, 2015

Did you Know? – California Facts

1. There's Silver in Those Hills

Most every elementary-school child has learned about the legendary California Gold Rush that began to bring hopeful folks to the state in 1848. Most people never knew that California's Calico Mountains also experienced a Silver Rush between the years of 1881 and 1896. The dream didn't last long, and the silver miners and everyone else had cleared out of the area by 1904.

2. Leave That Zoot Suit in Your Closet

This Los Angeles law makes it illegal to wear a zoot suit in the city. Originating in the 1930s, this law apparently made some kind of sense at that time. This type of suit was attractive to the Hispanic population back in the day, and several large-scale rumbles broke out in the streets between the whites and these suit-wearing Hispanics. The suit was also considered unpatriotic as it required a lot of fabric in a time that fabric wasn't easy to acquire.

3. An Abundance of Grizzly Bears

Before people came along to destroy their habitat and hunt them into oblivion, California was indeed a paradise for grizzly bears. This species was so prolific that the state was originally known as the Grizzly Bear State. After the human population exploded and bears weren't so common, the state became known as the Golden State.

4. Too Many Lawbreakers

If you visit Carmel, then you are likely to join the ranks of its many violators of the law. It's not difficult to break the law when unlawful acts include such ideas as women may not wear high heels within the city limits, men may not appear outside while wearing pants and a jacket that do not match and ice-cream may not be enjoyed while standing on the city sidewalks. When Clint Eastwood served as the city's mayor, he used his power to repeal that ice-cream law.

5. Feeling High and Feeling Low

California is home to the 14,494-foot Mt. Whitney, which is known as the highest point in the entire United States. And only 76 miles away, the state also houses Death Valley, which is known as America's lowest point.

6. Dog Laws

Many laws are aimed at man's best friend in California. In Cathedral City, one may not bring their dog to school. Cerrito's residents are required to remove any of their dog's waste from their yard in no more than seven days. Dogs are prohibited from riding in an elevator in Glendale, and dogs are prohibited from mating within 500 yards of any church that is located in Los Angeles.

7. Fans of the Olympics

Californians pride themselves on being strong supporters of the Olympics. This is the only state that has hosted both the winter and summer Olympic games.

8. No Nuclear Devices

Chico is quite firm about its law that prohibits the detonation of any nuclear device within the city limits. It promises a fine of a full $500 to anyone who does this, but chances are good that there would be no one left to enforce the law if this occurred.