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Jun 17, 2015

Top 10 Outdoor Summer Activities

Summer's right around the corner, but the weather is already nice enough to start enjoying fun, warm-weather activities right now. Whether you're itching to get out there today or want to map out some exciting activities for the season, the following 10 activities are sure to give you the inspiration you need.

1. Cycling – Regardless of your level of fitness, there's nothing like taking the bike out for a spin. What better time to do it than the summer? Study up about local trails now, and take your bike to the shop for a tune-up. On your own or with friends or family, it's a great way to enjoy the summer.

2. Hiking – When's the last time you explored local parks? Whether it's a county park or a national park, hitting the trails is the perfect summertime activity. There are options for people of all ages and all ability levels, so start planning now.


3. Running – If getting fit is on your summer to-do list, running is a fun and rewarding option. Summer is the best time to get into this activity. Consider using a program like Couch to 5K if you're a total newbie. By the time fall rolls around, you'll be leaving them in the dust!

4. Rock Climbing – As intimidating as it may sound, rock climbing is a great activity for the whole family. Sure, there are indoor rock climbing facilities. Nothing compares to being out in nature, though, and summer is the ideal time to give it a go.

5. Surfing – You don't have to tackle massive waves to give surfing a whirl. If hitting a beach is an option this summer, consider signing up for lessons to learn the basics. This sport is exciting and addicting, and it offers a nice mix of warm sunshine and cool water.

6. Fishing – Not all summer activities have to get your pulse racing. When you feel like mellowing out while enjoying lovely weather, grab some fishing poles and head to a nearby lake or river. Just make sure you have the right permits to avoid running afoul of the law.

7. Amusement Parks – If you're looking for something a bit more exhilarating, spend a day or two at Six Flags or another major amusement park. Rollercoasters provide a thrill a minute, but there are plenty of less intimidating options too. Plus, amusement parks have delicious snacks that are perfect for hot weather, including ice cream and frozen drinks.

8. Golfing – Die-hard golfers hit the links all year. Still, the best time to go is when the sun's shining and there's nary a cloud in the sky. No wonder summer is the most popular time for golfing. Explore a few new local courses for extra fun.

9. Water Fun – Worried about staying cool on hot summer days? Head to the ocean, a lake or a river to stay cool while having a blast. From wakeboarding to water skiing to scuba diving, the possibilities are virtually endless — just like the fun.

10. Boating – If you own a boat, you're probably already planning to have it out on the water as often as possible. If you don't, consider renting one for a weekend or two during the summer. Few things are as relaxing as being out on the boat on a beautiful summer day.

At this point, you're probably itching to get out there to start enjoying some of these great activities. By making plans now, you should be able to make the most of every last minute of the summer.