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Oct 27, 2014

What to Know If You’re Considering Our CERM Program

The Criminology and Emergency Response Management program at Institute of Technology’s Redding campus offers students a unique way to train for careers in security, corrections, emergency response and law enforcement. If you’ve been considering a career in any of these areas, it can pay to get a respected education – and IOT offers one of the most comprehensive training programs around.

What makes IOT’s CERM program different?
Federally approved curriculum
For starters, our program offers a curriculum that is approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Private and government employers alike understand the significance of hiring people who are already familiar with FEMA-approved regulations, rules and response strategies.

Emphasis on technology
One of the best ways to make sure students are adequately prepared for their careers after graduation is to let them learn and work with industry-relevant tools. In addition to giving students experience using real tactical equipment, we also train them on our ultra-realistic firearm and emergency response training simulator – the same kind of 180-degree simulator used by real law enforcement agencies. This simulator allows our students to practice their skills in potentially stressful and life-like situations.

Industry-experienced instructors
Another reason students in the Redding community continue to choose IOT for criminology and emergency response training is the one-on-one support they receive from our experienced instructors. Many instructors have spent years working in the field themselves. Their experience in high-leverage situations helps our students understand what to expect when they start their own careers.

Want to learn more about IOT – Redding’s CERM program?
Just visit this page, or contact us today and request information from one of our academic advisors. He or she can help answer any questions you have about the Criminology and Emergency Response Management training program at IOT