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May 20, 2014

Graduate Success Story – Amber W.

Amber W.
Professional Medical Assistant
Graduated 2013
Professional Medical Assisting Graduate

I made the decision to go back to school after a year of job searching with no luck. I was discouraged and knew I wanted more from my life than just retail or some other minimum wage job that would not be fulfilling in my life. I wanted more than that; I knew I wanted a job that makes a difference. I have always been fascinated by the medical field and have always been drawn to that kind of career. After months of contemplating going back to school, and wondering if I could even afford it, or if I had the time, or if I would even finish, or if I would give up just like I always had. I decided to do it, I had nothing to lose (except possibly a lot of money).

I’ve tried to go back to school before, and was a single mom at the time, unable to put my all into school, and never finished. I certainly did not want that to happen again. I was scared, but this time it felt different, this time I was ready, my passion to help people and my desire to give my family the life they deserved was enough motivation. Even though I was nervous that I wouldn't finish, somewhere deep inside I knew I would graduate. I wanted it too bad to fail this time.

I started school full of excitement and confidence, I knew I was on the right path to making a life changing decision, and I was right. I LOVED school! The people, the teachers, I felt like a sponge, I wanted to soak up all the knowledge I could! I (almost) didn't want it to end! I made friendships that will last a lifetime, and my teachers felt like family. I did very well in school and worked hard. I had never been a good student, mostly because I never applied myself, but this time it was important to me. I was passionate about what I was learning, and I loved every minute of it.

When school ended it was bittersweet, it was time to go out into the real world and use my skills. I was terrified and excited all at the same time. I was one of the lucky few who got hired at their extern site and am now working my dream job as a Professional Medical Assistant. I can hold my head high because I am proud of what I do, and my confidence is high because I proved to myself and my family that I could do whatever I set my mind to. Now that I have graduated I feel emotional and pretty darn proud of myself and what I accomplished. This is the first graduation ceremony I have ever had, so it’s pretty important to me. I proved to my son and my family the importance of education and hard work.

I can now say I am a college graduate! I have a job that I love, just got my first house, and I am living the life I dreamed about for so long. I just had to go out there and do it. The education I received at Institute of Technology truly changed my life!
–Amber W.

Congratulations Amber on taking the next step in your career!