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Oct 2, 2013

Criminology Graduate Success Story – James Payte

My name is James Payte and I attended Institute of Technology from January 2012 to April 2013. The training, the knowledge, and the skills that IOT have given me has profited me and prepared me for the Criminology field. Learning the skills of a law enforcement officer was great, gave me more of a desire to go into this field, and showed me what it is like as an officer in law enforcement.

 CERM graduate, criminology and emergency response management testimonial

The Criminology instructors at IOT all have experience in various areas of law enforcement. They were great instructors throughout the course of time I was in the program. They gave me great motivation to learn a new set of skills for my future career in law enforcement. They were very helpful with anything that I needed or any question I had. They were even willing to help one on one if you needed it. Now I can take the skills I have learned and apply them with future employment.  

This program has definitely benefited me. After graduating I was contacted by Michael Ramos, my Career Services Advisor, to look for work in my field. He prepped me for an interview and sent me off to his contacts.I now have a job working with juveniles who are on probation and who are with child protective services for a company called Promesa Behavioral Health.

Promesa mentors kids who need discipline and structure. They are taught to learn how to conduct themselves in a respectful manner. I am responsible for making sure they don't bring drugs into the house and that they can get along with the other clients, take them to school and to drug programs, along with many other tasks. Just being a mentor to them and working with kids is something I love to do. This job is just a stepping stone to my next job in which IOT has given me the skills and training to go out and do.

I would definitely recommend going to IOT if you want a future career in law enforcement. It can get you a start in the right direction and give you many opportunities that you never would have thought of.