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Oct 21, 2013

Clovis California 101

Clovis, California is a mid-sized city with attractions geared towards visitors and residents alike. Even though the city has grown tremendously, the residents of the City of Clovis pride themselves on maintaining an intimate community environment.

According to Old Town Clovis, the city was initially established in 1891 as freight stop for the railroad. Traffic from the freight stop helped the town to evolve, and Clovis eventually became a major asset to the lumber industry. Entertainment and other venues started to develop around the town's lumber mill. In 1912, the city was incorporated, and the community has continued to grow.

Visit Clovis provides a number of activities that are geared towards tourists and residents. Clovis Tourism and other companies provide tours of the city, including walking tours of the city's many historic structures. Clovis residents have access to many parks and recreation areas, including the famous Sequoia National Park. The nearby city of Fresno is home to the Chaffee Zoo and the Forestiere Underground Gardens.

According to the Clovis Chamber of Commerce, the city hosts many popular festivals and events. ClovisFest, the Clovis Rodeo, Clovis Farmers Market, and other regular events draw tourists and residents to the heart of the city.

Foodies and casual diners can both appreciate the culinary scene within the city of Clovis. Visit Clovis illustrates the variety of dining options in every district of the city. Traditional family dining is abundant, but the city is also home to a variety of international culinary experiences, including Mediterranean, Japanese, Thai, Mexican, pizza joints, and so many more. Bored taste buds have no place in the city of Clovis.

The Chamber of Commerce cites a number of reasons why Clovis continues to attract new citizens every year. The local police force and other agencies have gained recognition for fostering a safe community. Some families have moved to Clovis to pursue education opportunities through the excellent school system. Unlike other areas of the state and country, Clovis has continued to experience growth in business and housing developments. All of these factors combine to create a healthy living environment.

The city of Clovis is an attractive home or vacation spot for people from all walks of life. The food, the sights, and the atmosphere combine to form an intriguing blend of small-town intimacy and city convenience.