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Jul 4, 2013

Web & Graphic Design GRADUATE SUCCESS STORY – Gina Fenn

Gina Fenn attended Institute of Technology from January 2012 to October 2012
in the Web and Graphic Design program. Gina stated, “Prior to starting the
program I lacked professional confidence”.Web and Graphic Design program graduate

She went on to explain that after starting her program she was offered a
Federal Work Study position in the Web and Graphic Design Lab. She was excited
to accept this position, which helped her pay her tuition, but more importantly,
allowed her to boost her confidence. Gina explained, “I worked in the IOT computer
lab throughout the entire program, this job allowed me to assist other students.
Helping other students trouble shoot technical problems improved my skill level
as well as my confidence in my technical ability”.Gina worked diligently with Career Services advisors after graduating. She took
advantage of attending an Institute of Technology job fair. She explained that this
experience, “gave me an opportunity to meet professionals in my field, as well as
have my portfolio examined”.

Gina’s hard work paid off in December of 2012 when she was hired by Subco as
a Graphic Designer/SEO. Gina is happy with her position with Subco, she said,
“Overall, the experience was very positive. I was hired as a graphic designer with
a local company and am using the skills I learned at IOT every day.”