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Mar 3, 2013

Learn More About Redding, California

Redding, California has a population of 89,861, and its RABA bus system makes it easy for students to go anywhere in town. Amtrak also has a line that goes straight through Redding, and this provides great options for accessing the rest of California during a break. Students from colder climates who decide to attend college in Redding will still experience the seasonal changes that they are used to, but they will not need to deal with a lot of snow.

Although Redding traces its origins back to the Wintu tribe, it was not incorporated until 1887. The Southern Pacific Railroad was at least partly responsible for helping the town become incorporated because the company put a set of tracks inside of what would soon become the city limits. Redding's residents have worked in a wide range of industries since 1910, including mineral extraction, lumber and retail. The city's top two employers are currently Shasta County and Mercy Medical Center.

Several of Redding's previous residents have become professional athletes and actors. Football is especially well represented by Eddie Wilson, Tim Burnham, Rob Nairne and Mel Hein. Three Major League Baseball players were also born in Redding: Rick Bosetti, Buck Martinez and Rocky Stone. Member of the entertainment industry who hail from Redding include John Gibson, Ashley Parker Angel and Francesca Eastwood.

There are several place of interest within the city that will provide students with the perfect way to spend their free time. For example, the Cascade Theatre is used for a wide mixture of performances, including comedy and music. If you are interested in other cultural outings, the Redding Museum of Art is a great place to spend a day because it features internationally known and local artists. The Turtle Bay Exploration Park also places an emphasis on art, along with bringing visitors closer to the wildlife of the local area.

Redding has five universities and two specialized training schools, including the Chico branch campus of California State University, National University, Shasta College, Shasta Bible College and Graduate School, Simpson University, Institute of Technology and the Shasta School of Cosmetology. In other words, there is definitely a school to suit everyone's tastes located within Redding.