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Sep 29, 2011

Food Apps: Use with Caution…

I know we’ve already discussed the sudden surge of cooking channels and shows on TV, but is food starting to take over mobile devices too? Famous celebrity chefs like culinary mentor Dorie Greenspan, are starting to launch their own apps, and according to AdWeek, Martha Stewart’s Smoothies and Cookies App hit the Number 1 spot in paid iPad lifestyle apps this summer.

Why are slicing and dicing how-to’s taking the place of Angry Birds? In ABCNews’ article “Food Apps Get Their Place in the Kitchen,” Lauren Torrisi describes how food apps are becoming more and more popular on smart-phones and tablets. One main factor is because of the millions of recipes at users’ fingertips at any time. Not only can these recipes be accessed at the drop of a hat, but they are also a resource for beginner cooks and bakers that need guidance and tips from fellow recipe viewers. Food apps create a live cooking community where users can help and be helped anytime, anywhere. In addition, celebrity chef apps, like Greenspan’s new Baking with Dorie iPad app, have videos and photos posted alongside their recipes.

My favorite benefit of this trend is that your recipe collection is ever-changing. When you buy one of these apps, you’re not married to the same recipes forever. Although you can tag your favorites, each day new recipes and ideas are posted that can inspire creativity and diversity in the kitchen. Food app users have access to recipes from around the world that they wouldn’t have exposure to otherwise.

So far, so good. The only downside? Your new iPad may get a little too close to that extra virgin olive oil so make sure to pour with caution!

Are you a fan? Will you be donating all of your hard cover cookbooks in favor of this digital recipe movement? As a culinary student – do you have any favorite foodie apps on your phone or tablet?