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Aug 8, 2011

Is California Known for Weird Food?

CNBC recently wrote an article featuring the 20 weirdest restaurants in America. Out of all 50 states, California was featured seven times on the list, making me wonder, what is so weird about California restaurants?

When you read articles about the culinary industry in California, much of it has to do with sustainability and the “green” movement. We don’t hear a lot about restaurants like Opaque in San Deigo, San Francisco, and LA, which serves customers in a pitch black room to heighten the senses. This in a way goes along with California’s ideas about sustainability, as I’m sure the restaurant doesn’t use a whole lot of energy with no lighting.

Another weird restaurant that made the list is the Magic Castle, located in LA. According to the article, the Magic Castle Restaurant is reserved for members of the Academy for Magic Arts and is not open to the public. Typical American cuisine is accompanied by magic shows to make it that much more entertaining.

Forbes Island restaurant in the San Francisco Bay made the list as well. Located on an island with a view of Alcatraz, this restaurant features underwater dining rooms and an underwater bar. Though this is different from a normal restaurant, I wouldn’t consider it weird but rather creative and fun.

What do you think? Does California have weird food restaurants and unique dining experiences? Check out the CNBC article to see all of America’s Weirdest Restaurants.