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Jul 19, 2011

How Food TV is Changing the Way We Look at Culinary Arts

We see them on almost every channel. There is a network all about them. I’m of course talking about TV shows about food. From “Top Chef” to “Cake Boss” to “Bizarre Foods,” food shows are taking up more and more time slots. Food shows began in an instructional manner, with the likes of Julia Childs, charming her audience with exquisite French masterpieces. Yes, there are still many shows that help to teach you how to cook, but it has now expanded into something much larger than that.

The doors to the world of food have been opened. We can now turn on the Food Network and even the Travel Channel and see our favorite foodies eating gourmet meals around the world. We can now imagine foods that we hadn’t even heard of before. On TLC, we watch Buddy, the Cake Boss, create these unbelievably amazing cakes, immediately making our mouths water and out stomachs grumble.

I believe that all of these food shows not only influence the viewer, but also inspire action. Since 2005, the number of culinary students has greatly increased. I really think this has to have something to do with the popularity of food shows and our widened exposure to new and exciting foods.

Don’t even get me started with the explosion of food accounts on social media. You have accounts like Food Stories, Pop Up Gelato LA, and Buzzfeed Food.

As Culinary Students at IOT, you know just how fun cooking is. You get to go to school every day and create artful masterpieces- that you get to eat!

What food shows do you watch? Which ones inspire you the most in the kitchen?